Information about Sophy


We believe

that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to learning. We are convinced that the most efficient instruction is personalized to the learner’s unique personality, need, interest, and preferred learning style. They should be matched with a compatible teacher who can facilitate the best possible learning situation for them. 

 We believe that the traditional educational setting is not the best environment for most people to learn and grow in an effective and meaningful way. Unlike established educational institutions, which are not sufficiently sensitive to the individual’s personal talents, needs, and dispositions (e.g. preferred learning style, scheduling, etc.), Sophy enables the learner to develop in their own creative direction. Sophy distances itself from traditional, “one size fits all” teaching to instead embrace what is meaningful, suitable, and effective for individual learners. When an established teaching institution cannot meet a learner’s needs, Sophy is a way for them to continue and acquire further knowledge.

Our ambition

with Sophy is to prioritize knowledge, curiosity, and learning; to create the best possible learning situation for each and every learner by providing access to a wide variety of private teachers in any subject; and to facilitate complementary and compatible learner–teacher matching. This makes learning rewarding, easy, effective, and meaningful.

For teachers, it should be easy to find new, compatible students. Sophy helps provide more meaningful teaching situations by enhancing learner–teacher fit. In addition to finding new learners, teachers can very easily run their teaching operations via Sophy’s platform and services, which handle the administration surrounding contracts, payments, scheduling support, etc.; e.g. the teacher does not need to have their own company or spend their own time on administration. Sophy is a way for a person with particular knowledge to start teaching and to share their knowledge with interested learners while also generating an income.