Information about Sophy

How it works

For teachers

With Sophy it is possible to work as a private teacher and grow your teaching operation in an easy way. You can post your profile and get access to students that are searching for teachers. It is very easy to run your teaching operation, and you can save a considerable amount ot time since Sophy manages all the administration, such as taxes and fees. You do not need to have your own company. However, you can also operate with your company if you prefer so.

For learners

You can easily, safely and cost effectively find the perfect private teacher that match your own terms and your specific needs. Search for the best teachers close to you and communicate with the teacher before you decide to start.

With Sophy you get the opportunity to learn in the most efficacious way. It is cost effective education with full flexibility. You discuss directly with the teacher about your expectations and needs. The lessons and courses are therefore fully adapted to your level, conditions and requirements.

Payment process

The payment process is simple and secure.  The teacher sends a time report after the lessons to Sophy, and thereafter the learner is invoiced based on the time report. The net payment to the teacher is what the student pays (hourly rate decided by each teacher) minus VAT, taxes, fees and Sophy's commission. Sophy handles payments of taxes and fees and the payment to the teacher is made once per month. 

Cancellation policy

Teachers listed on Sophy can determine their own cancellation policy. It is highly recommended that teachers and learners agree how cancellations will be handled before starting with the lessons.

Lesson price

The teacher decides hers/his own price per hour (60 minutes). The price shall be per hour teaching time, i.e. time for travel, preparations etc. is included in this price. Naturally, the teacher and the learner can agree a different price than the one presented on Sophy's platform. In this case the teacher just informs Sophy about this.

The following taxes and commission must be a part of the cost of the lesson (the administration is handled by Sophy and is deducted before payment to the teacher):

  • VAT 25%
  • Sophy's commission 20% (deducted after deduction of VAT)
  • Employment fee 31,42% (for teacher over the age of 65 it is 16,36%)
  • Income tax 30%.

With a lesson price of 300 kr per hour the net payment to the teacher is 102 kr per hour (116 kr per hour for teachers over 65).

With a lesson price of 400 kr per hour the net payment to the teacher is 136 kr per hour (154 kr per hour for teachers over 65).

With a lesson price of 500 kr per hour the net payment to the teacher is 170 kr per hour (193 kr per hour for teachers over 65).

With a lesson price of 600 kr per hour the net payment to the teacher is 205 kr per hour (231 kr per hour for teachers over 65).

In case the teacher is using their own company (registered for company tax) the following is deducted from the lesson price:

  • Sophy's commission 20%.

With a lessons price of 400 kr per hour the payment to the teachers company will be 320 kr per hour including VAT.