Italian Language Teacher

I am an Italian student and I am about to graduate in Linguistics and Teaching education at the University of Salerno. I have a BA degree in Foreign languages and cultures. Currently, I am writing my Master thesis in Russian Literature at the University of Stockholm.

I have worked as an Italian teacher at the University of Saransk, Russia for half a year. I have held 3 types of classes: the 1st one for Students with an A1 level of Italian, the 2nd one for Teachers with an A2 level and, finally, the 3rd one for University Teachers with a B1/B2 level.

I can help you to learn Italian Grammar, Gestural art, Dictionary, History and Culture.

Education: Linguistics and Teaching Education at the University of Salerno
Category: Language
Subject: Italian
City: Stockholm
Language skills: Italian, English, Russian, Spanish
Possible teaching locations:
At the students place
At the teachers place
Online (Skype)
Other place (work place, coffee shop, library, etc.)