Are you looking for a teacher in percussion?

I´m a professional musician from Havana, Cuba, with more than 15 years of experience of percussion. I have a higher education in music and am based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I mainly play on the drum set, but I also play congas, timbale and bongo. I master different kinds of rhythms, such as salsa, merengue, funk, jazz, latin jazz, samba, bossa nova, hip hop and pop.

I´m available to come to you where you practice in Stockholm. Please get in touch!

I speak Spanish, English and beginner´s Swedish.

Best wishes,

City: Stockholm
Language skills: Spanska, engelska, nybörjarsvenska
Possible teaching locations:
At the students place
At the teachers place
Online (Skype)
Other place (work place, coffee shop, library, etc.)
Education: Högskoleexamen i musik - slagverk
Subject: Slagverk : trummor, congas, bongo, timbale