English Language Teacher

My teaching philosophy is based on my students achieving their goals and growing as learners. I create an atmosphere in which every individual feels secure and integrated while learning. Moreover, I pay great attention to the needs and wants of my students, preparing my lessons based on what they wish to achieve. I want my students to know that their voice will be heard and their opinion will be valued. I hope that you will give me a chance and that we will learn together!

As a Bachelor’s graduate in English Language and Literature and a Master’s degree holder in International and Comparative Education, I have already gained experience in the field of English language teaching and the broader field of education. My degrees have been obtained at respectable and recognized universities: the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; and the Stockholm University, Sweden. The first degree has also been officially recognized in Sweden by the Swedish Council of Higher Education (UHR). I have also become further qualified as an English teacher by the Hellenic American Union, having been awarded the Diploma of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). While working on this diploma, I was creating my own lesson plans from scratch, which required thorough research and understanding of how a classroom works. Moreover, I am also certified as an IELTS coach and a Business English Teacher.

Regarding my professional background, I am truly committed to a career in education, and more specifically in the field of English teaching. I have been an English teacher since 2013, when I graduated, and have worked with students of all ages and levels, both online and in person. Apart from private lessons, I have taught in Sweden, Greece, and the UK, and my students were of diverse cultural backgrounds. I incorporate both traditional teaching and teaching through the use of technology, so I adapt to such changes quickly. I have also worked as a supervisor and assistant teacher and I have well made my way into the teaching profession. Because of my teaching experience so far, I have learned how to deal with all sorts of students and lessons and I am very flexible and easy to adapt to new situations and to students’ diverse learning styles.

After about 6 years of teaching, I have narrowed down my services to Business English and IELTS exam preparation.

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Utbildning: Bachelor of Arts & Master of Social Sciences
Kategori: Språk
Ämne: English
Stad: Stockholm