English Lessons from a Native Speaker

Hi I'm Kirsten! I have experiencing tutoring people of all ages and backgrounds in English. I model my sessions after your needs - some of you want a refresher in grammar, others just want to have interesting discussions in English! Usually it's a little bit of both. I use sources from the internet such as interesting articles, TED talks, Youtube clips, and any additional materials you want to bring along. Your goals for learning English are the most important to me, and how we will design our time together.

I have lived in many different countries, speak 3 languages myself (Swedish is a work in progress) and really enjoy meeting people from all different walks of life. Looking forward to meeting you!

Utbildning: Marketing Degree from Boston College, Certified Nutritional Therapist
Kategori: Språk
Ämne: English
Stad: Stockholm
Språkkunskaper: Native English speaker, experienced teacher/tutor
Möjliga platser för undervisning:
Hemma hos studenten
Hemma hos läraren
Online (Skype)
Annan plats (arbetsplats, cafe, bibliotek, etc.)